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Shure Audio Network Interface

Overall, Shure ANIs are versatile tools for bringing analog microphones into the digital world of Dante audio networks. They offer improved audio quality, simplified setup, and scalability, making them a valuable asset for professional audio applications.


  • Connects analog microphones (XLR or block connector versions available) to a Dante audio network.
  • Dante is a digital audio networking technology that allows for high-quality, low-latency transmission of audio over standard Ethernet cables.

Benefits of using a Shure ANI:

  • Improved Audio Quality: By converting analog signals to digital, ANIs can eliminate noise and interference, resulting in cleaner and clearer audio for conferences, presentations, or performances.
  • Simplified Setup: ANIs offer a simple way to integrate analog microphones into a Dante network. This eliminates the need for complex analog cabling and allows for more centralized control and distribution of audio.
  • Scalability: Dante networks are scalable, meaning you can easily add more devices (microphones, speakers, etc.) to the network as needed. This makes ANIs a good choice for growing businesses or venues with changing audio requirements.