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Emmy Wall Mount

The Emmy Wall Mount is a bracket designed to securely hold your TV on a wall, saving space and creating a clean look in your entertainment areaOverall, Emmy Wall Mounts offer a functional and affordable solution for mounting your TV on a wall. Their range of sizes and tilting options cater to various needs, while their focus on a low-profile design and ease of installation makes them a user-friendly choice.

Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • Compatibility: Emmy wall mounts come in various models, each designed to support a specific range of TV sizes (typically from 32 inches to 80 inches) and weight capacities (up to 150 lbs). Make sure to choose a mount that can accommodate your TV's size and weight.
  • Tilting Mechanism: Some Emmy mounts offer a tilting mechanism, allowing you to adjust the vertical angle of your TV for optimal viewing from different positions in the room. This can be helpful for reducing glare or finding a comfortable viewing angle when the TV is mounted higher on the wall.
  • Low-Profile Design: Many Emmy mounts boast a low-profile design, placing your TV close to the wall for a sleek and streamlined look.
  • Easy Installation: Ideally, Emmy mounts are designed for easy installation with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware included.