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Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel

Overall, the Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel enhances the user experience of Cisco video conferencing systems by providing a user-friendly and centralized control point. It simplifies video conferencing tasks and potentially offers additional functionalities for the conference room environment.

The Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel is a control device designed to simplify video conferencing experiences within Cisco's video conferencing systems, like the Webex Room Series and Webex Board. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • Function: This touch-based panel acts as a user interface for initiating, managing, and controlling video conferences. Imagine it as a tablet specifically designed for video conferencing tasks.

  • Ease of Use: By utilizing a touch screen interface, Cisco aims to provide an intuitive and effortless way to interact with the video conferencing system. This means launching calls, sharing content, accessing contact lists and directories, and even viewing voicemail messages can all be done with a tap or swipe.

  • Customization: Some models may offer the ability to customize the interface with additional buttons or panels. This allows for tailoring the controls to fit the specific needs of the conference room or user preferences. For example, you might add buttons for controlling room lighting or adjusting blinds.

  • Beyond Basic Controls: While basic video call functions are central, the Touch Panel can potentially extend to other functionalities within the conference room. Imagine adjusting the volume or brightness of the monitor directly through the Touch Panel.